Actifit® is a synthetic implantable scaffold with a highly interconnected pore structure comprised of a proprietary biocompatible and biodegradable polymer. When implanted in a patient’s meniscus arthroscopically, Actifit® promotes in-growth of native tissue and acts as a new ‘shock absorber’ to relieve pain and restore functional mobility to the patient. It is designed currently only for partial meniscus loss or damage. The combination of the polymer’s honeycomb structural design and polymer strength and design promotes the in- growth of new tissue and results in a newly vascularised and functional meniscus.

ACTIFIT 3Given that the knee joint is one of the most biomechanically severe environments in the human body, a successful orthopaedic mensical implant should satisfy two fundamental criteria:

1) be strong enough to retain the sutures prior to integration with native meniscus tissue.

2) have an open and interconnected pore structure into which blood vessels can grow, allowing the generation of new cartilage cells and tissue.

The Actifit® polymer and scaffold were specifically designed to meet these demanding requirements.